Homeopathic Method (2nd edition)

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By Jeremy Swayne

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254 pages

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There can be little doubt that ‘homeopathy works’. For all the controversy surrounding the nature and effect of homeopathic medicines, the clinical outcomes and improvement in wellbeing achieved by homeopathic treatment are consistently good. In many instances they defy the expectations of conventional biomedical treatment, and demonstrate the remarkable extent to which our minds and bodies are capable of self-regulation and self-healing. In this book, Dr Jeremy Swayne unpacks the therapeutic ‘black box’ of the homeopathic method. He describes in detail a process of clinical enquiry and observation that is essentially entirely conventional but that casts a new light on the dynamics of illness and healing. His analysis does not depend upon any a priori assumptions about the activity of homeopathic medicines, but insists that both their effects, and the contextual aspects of the therapeutic process that homeopathy exemplifies and that is so important in all medicine, demand fuller investigation. The implications for the future of clinical practice and medical science are truly profound.

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