Neon (The Noble Gases vol 2)


By Jeremy Sherr

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288 pages

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Neon is the second book in the Noble Gas series by Jeremy Sherr. Continuing the journey that began with Helium (Saltire Books, 2013), Jeremy leads the reader further down the periodic spiral. Using the detailed symptoms of his Neon proving as a base, Jeremy draws on biology, geometry, astronomy, physics, metaphysics, analogy, poetry, movie, myth and the Bible to explore the deeper aspects of Neon and the second period. He continues the profound and revolutionary line of inquiry from the Helium book, delving into Neon’s revelations about the universe, the evolution of the soul and the development of our selves. Beginning with the study of the element and its physical affinities, the book takes us through the symptom generalities, emotional essence, geometrical structure, spatial dimensions and spiritual aspects of Neon, and its relationship to the origins of Psora. Jeremy’s clinical experience, as well as cases collected from other practitioners, illustrates the practical application of Neon.

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