Insights into Veterinary Homeopathy (new edition now Homeopathy For Animals – Insights from Veterinary Practice)

By Peter Gregory

2013 – second edition 2023
Homeopathy For Animals – Insights from Veterinary Practice
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454 pages

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For a veterinarian attempting to make the transition from the orthodox paradigm to homeopathy there are many challenges. These include: looking anew at the concepts of 'health' and 'disease'; trying to assess mental and emotional symptoms in a patient who cannot speak our language; dealing with the emotional reactions of those who do not share the same knowledge or experience. The first part of the book is devoted to examining the fundamental concepts which together provide a foundation for veterinary homeopathic practice, and how they may be understood from a modern perspective. This is followed by an investigation into some of the most common remedy states encountered in practice, with guidance on how to recognise them in an animal patient; not only by how they present outwardly, but also by accessing those elements of the patient that would otherwise be considered as hidden.

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