Breakthrough – A Blueprint for your Mind


By Brian Costello

2016, Reprinted 2018
Book length
210 pages
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Understanding the workings of the mind is a field of endless speculation and endeavour. There is a curiosity to understand why we ‘do what we do' and a curiosity to find intelligent and accessible explanations of human behaviour, emotion and thought. People around the world are searching for that special ‘something' through a whole range of interventions such as motivational courses, life coaching and of course, books.

Breakthrough: A Blueprint for your Mind is designed to be an accessible guide to the workings of the mind. It answers the question ‘why do I do what I do (and how can I stop it?)’ and is relevant in a variety of contexts - personal change, dealing with stress, work, relationships or even teaching, coaching and parenting. It's the only book you'll need!

Foreword by international bestselling author Owen Fitzpatrick

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