Sensational Sarcodes (Estimated Q1 2022)

By Geoff Johnson

Book length


Sensational Sarcodes
Chronic Disease and The Yin Yang Spirit

Sarcodes have long been used supportively, but their use as the similimum has been poorly understood. This groundbreaking book examines the Sarcodes with cured cases and new provings, and seeks to achieve three core purposes.

  • to enable the practitioner to recognise the central delusions and sensations indicating the sarcode family in their patients
  • to introduce the new archetypal provings of testosterone, progesterone, LH, GnRH, melatonin and pineal gland
  • to seek the origins of chronic disease, precipitated by the ancient rift between Yin and Yang.

Geoff explores these concepts through the provings as he ascends the sexual hormonal pyramid from duality to the oneness of Gaia.

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